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Country-specific shipping times



Actual timeliness

North America United States 3-7Days
Canada 3-7Days
Mexico 5-7Days
Other countries 5-7Days
South America Brazil 15-30Days
Chile 6-10Days
Colombia 5-7Days
Peru 6-10Days
Argentina 6-10Days
Ecuador 6-10Days
Other countries 6-10Days
Oceania Australia 4-6Days
New Zealand 3-6Days
Other countries 4-6Days
Asia the Philippines 4-6Days
Indonesia 4-6Days
Thailand 4-6Days
Pakistan 4-6Days
Other countries 4-6Days
Middle East Saudi Arabia 5-6Days
UAE 5-6Days
Other countries 5-6Days
Europe Slovakia 6-7Days
Bulgaria 6-7Days
Hungary 6-7Days
Greece 6-7Days
Other countries 6-7Days
Africa South Africa 6-7Days
Nigeria 6-7Days
Other countries 6-7Days