About BeautyZir

We are committed to making zirconia available to everyone in the world who needs to repair their teeth. So we provide the world's cutting-edge technology products, the highest quality, and the best price,

BeautyZir zirconia dental blank material is divided into 5 series of products.

The HT series is white dental zirconia blank.

The HT series has the highest strength, the lowest transparency, the high strength is not easy to break, and it is not easy to be worn. It is suitable for the full crown and inner crown of the posterior teeth. As well as the implant opaque crown, this product has the lowest price and is also suitable for zirconia teeth makers who are just getting started.

The ST+ series is our most advantageous product, which gives the balance of zirconia to the extreme. The strength of 950mpa is enough to make any type of prosthesis, 40% transparency, can make the full crown of the posterior teeth, can also make the aesthetic restoration of the anterior teeth, simulate the transparency of the cut end, and most importantly, the price of this material is only A little higher than the saici series.  it is very suitable for technicians or laboratories who often use zirconia blanks for teeth. It is your best choice.

The UT series of zirconia is the ultimate product of our white zirconia ceramic block. Its transparency is 49%. It is crystal-clear and can be used to make an aesthetically pleasing anterior restoration with the honor staining solution. Transparent.

The ST+Color series is our pre-dyed zirconia block series,

BeautyZir zirconia blocks, can produce VITA 16 colors, the color is very accurate, can remove the dyeing process, save the laboratory time, and because this color is factory production Out, so the color will never fall off, the same color from the outside to the inside, avoiding the uneven dyeing of the technician,it is a material that can save labor costs, is liked by many laboratories,

ST+ML The series of zirconia blocks is the perfect pre-dyed multilayer zirconia. Its color has been adjusted by our developers for several years, and it has been continuously optimized into the current ST+ML series. We can ensure that the ST+ML is the most beautiful color on the market. Pre-shade zirconia products,